The day the river arrived

The Gascoyne River which flows rarely came to town in February. As a man who grew up in moist Tasmania this was a bizarre and intriguing local event.

Motorcyclist taking advantage of the dry riverbed before it was inundated.

Ten mile bridge

Wide brim

Black, white and grainy

Black and white wilderness snaps from a long time ago on through my Yashica T4 with Lucky 100 film.

Cape Huay


Tasman Trail, Tasman Peninsula


Bivouac Bay, Tasman Peninsula


Bellamy on rock

Foliage on Mt Wellington

Rope bridge

The William Pitt shipwreck

A creekbed


ye olde

Some oldies from a rediscovered film canister. These seem to take place all around the great southern state of Tasmania.

Echo Pt, Lake St Clair

Twin thumbs and Scandinavian pins

Mt Ida and a cairn

Me and a big tree

Ulverstone waterslide – a childhood day out

Sister’s Beach rivulet

Stanley and “The Nut”

 A dead fish = art