As it turns out city life was a little too much for me so on a whim I decided to depart deep into the Andes surrounding Santiago for a bit of hike. It sounded simple on paper, but logistics proved otherwise. A long train ride, 2 buses and a couple of friendly Chilean car rides I had arrived late afternoon at the intersection of a rural deserted road somewhere near the Argentinian border . The “town” or collection of creepy mountain shelters was named Banos Morales at the foot of the El Morado National Park. I missioned along the dusty road and was greeted by a stern park ranger at the start of the walk. He insisted that my intended trek was to take 6 hours, and it was far too late to do it. The ranger was clearly delusional and unaware of my powerful steel springs. I had come too far to let a minor set back like this ruin my adventure, so I signed a liability waiver, and charged on up the hill anyway. Reaching the apex of the walk in about 45 minutes I came to the assumption that park ranger had clearly never done the walk himself. The hike itself was delishious but it was followed by the most uncomfortable hitchhike of my life in a busted up shuddering cement truck traveling at walking pace for 2 hours back to Santiago. Lovely.

Here are some snaps of the old girl…. enjoy.

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