Altitude sickness is a bitch

Here are a small selection of photos from a mountain I climbed with some friends in Bolivia. Huayna Potosi be thy name stretching a wapping 6088m into the heavens. It is probably the hardest hike there ever was. Our gang of 7 left basecamp (5130m) at 1am in the morning and walked into the darkness for about 5 hours until sunlight began to appear. Slowly people succumbed to the altitude and began to drop off and soon our party of 7 reduced to 5 and nearing the summit to 2. Luckily I paired myself with a delightful hard headed post-army Israely and was a member of remaining 2. I’m pretty sure we were the last group to arrive at the summit due to a late departure, getting there at 7:30 am feeling less than energetic. We didn’t even muster enough energy to drink the beers we lugged up the hill. The walk home was the most tiresome endevour. Melting snow made for a some serious lack of traction and the addition of sunlight allowed us to actually realise how dangerous the hike was. We made sure to take some photos none the less. I think we arrived back to basecamp sometime before midday and were greeted with a casualty ward of 3 seriously sick amigos. Everyone survived triumphant or not, so I’d consider it a success. Feast your eyes upon these hero shots.









Successful ascent team tom.

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