Ghost town

Reminiscent of the shining, this old and abandoned french town is located on top of a big mountain just outside of Kampot in Cambodia. Apparently it was to be the Grand Palace and Casino, built for the colonial French settlers to live large and frolic in their amazing wealth. But work on it was abandoned in the 1940’s leaving behind an austere shell which was destined to become a sort after Cambodian wedding location. There is an even creepier and colossal new casino and hotel which is home to Cambodia’s largest empty car park.

R0001098Bokor Hill Station – history is grandR0001081Crowds admiring the mist.R0001079Mulletted and proudR0001090The blackjack roomR0001085Exploring the creepy Hill Station R0001092The glazier was booked for 1941. Funny jokes.R0001087War of the water towerR0001106A rusty old churchR0001111Religion.R0001112Lame but kinda nice graffitiR0001065The year of the pig is a lucrative

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