Bonfires and beach bums

I don’t know why people are attracted to tropical islands with long white beaches and calm crystal clear waters. Travelers have been known to “get stuck” at such a tropical location for months at a time. Admittedly, they do look nice in a photo. But for me, boredom sets in after the first hour of beach time. How many rays can one meat stick soak in before they look as leathery as a 40 year old Gold Coast meter maid. After my 5 day stint at the ever so tropical Koh Rong I decided on a new mantra… no waves = no fun.

R0001129Island relocation aboard the Cutty Sark.R0001128El Capitan opting for the dual propellers on his blazing vesselR0001138Polystyrene row boat getting a rest.R0001148No power means you build natures television.R0001149Rethinking life.R0001176Sok San Village (presumably the capital of Koh Rong). I appear to have caught one of the local kids on camera disposing of their waste in the their ocean.R0001156Amateur fire twirling with a burnt stick.


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