South West Tasmania – Day 3

Day 3 on the South Coast Track. We awoke to another tip top day in paradise. After a refreshing baptism in Louisa River to get the blood flowing we departed to tackle the Ironbound Range, the biggest climb of the main track. Unfortunately the Mad Hatters had caught up to us again and this led to one or two traffic jams throughout the day. Going up seemed a breeze once we had followed Lizzy’s advice to enter a possessed/meditative state by counting every 8 breaths. The clear weather and open track rewarded us with clear views of the inner South West and coast line. Going down through the dense and moist forest on the South side of the range was a bit of a slog. We encountered many beaten individuals along the way, including one young American guy who had somehow managed to get himself lost for “27 hours” in the bush before coming across the track again. The track eventually opened up into dry coastal forest before we reached a very busy day 3 campsite at Little Deadman’s Bay.


The duckboard highway


Tasmanian Christmas Bells


Nice bonnet Bells


Lizzy and Alfredo on the summit


Views of the South West with Federation Peak in dead centre


A Pandani in the road


The French backpacker


An unknown little cove near Little Deadman’s Bay


Camp day 3


Little Deadman’s Bay at dusk


Alfredo and the French backpacker


Jesso reading her cup of soup sediment

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