Bonfires and beach bums

I don’t know why people are attracted to tropical islands with long white beaches and calm crystal clear waters. Travelers have been known to “get stuck” at such a tropical location for months at a time. Admittedly, they do look nice in a photo. But for me, boredom sets in after the first hour of beach time. How many rays can one meat stick soak in before they look as leathery as a 40 year old Gold Coast meter maid. After my 5 day stint at the ever so tropical Koh Rong I decided on a new mantra… no waves = no fun.

R0001129Island relocation aboard the Cutty Sark.R0001128El Capitan opting for the dual propellers on his blazing vesselR0001138Polystyrene row boat getting a rest.R0001148No power means you build natures television.R0001149Rethinking life.R0001176Sok San Village (presumably the capital of Koh Rong). I appear to have caught one of the local kids on camera disposing of their waste in the their ocean.R0001156Amateur fire twirling with a burnt stick.



The city of Battambang in the North-Western Cambodia is said to be known for 4 things as stated by Tripadvisor: the circus, the bamboo train, the bat cave, and most importantly… the number one cafe in the city. I ticked off 3/4.R0000942Comms tower sunset in Battambang, CambodiaR0000957The trail of bats from the bat cave. 45 minutes of solid bat action, but where were they going…imageThe high speed bamboo railway tourism adventure train.